Embrace the skills required to run your business and step into your creative potential.

Regain your  creative freedom

2-hour session for targeted business solutions. We can troubleshoot your portfolio, website, pricing structure…it’s up to you! 



6 week intensive videography mentoring for photographers of any type who’d like to add videography to their repertoire. We'll learn the gear and techniques that will get you started quickly.

Videography for Photographers


6-week personalized coaching program for photographers and videographers.  We’ll tackle pricing, cashflow, bookkeeping, marketing, and client experience and learn how mastering the administrative side of business can lead to increased creative freedom.

Transformation Package


How I can help your creative business

I’m a photographer and videographer who loves capturing and celebrating each of my clients' unique stories, and I’m an educator who thrives on helping fellow creative entrepreneurs price and market themselves with conviction, create amazing client experiences, and navigate difficult business decisions with confidence.

Over the past six years, I’ve built two successful businesses, one of which was named among the Top 9 Wedding Videographers in Boston, Massachusetts. Harper's Bazaar, Huffington Post,
Junebug Weddings, and Style Me Pretty are just a few of the places where my work has been published.

 I believe that embracing business ownership leads to creative freedom and financial security.

Hi, I'm Hannah. 

Do you want to able to charge more per gig, drive down your client acquisition costs, and differentiate yourself in a saturated industry? I thought so! Let me show you how simple, approachable, and practical videography can be.

Videography for Photographers

This 6-week videography mentoring program will teach you:
-Which pieces of equipment to invest in.
-Techniques that will allow you to master documentary-style videography quickly and confidently.
-That adding video to your current offerings isn’t as scary as it might seem!

Videography made approachable

gabby r. 

Working with Hannah feels like a receiving a helping hand while sipping on a warm cup of your favorite tea. It was wonderfully relaxed yet informative, and I felt no shame when it came to questions I didn't have the answer for. She is genuinely excited to help you grow and learn behind the scenes, and it comes through in her demeanor and passion for the topics.

Without coaching with Hannah I wouldn't have
known my worth (in numbers). She empowered me to make better decisions for my business based off of hard numbers, not some made up price that I *think* I should be charging.

Hannah r. 

Working with Hannah feels like you are seen, supported, encouraged, but not coddled. You are in the best hands and truly pushed to make your business the best it can be. She breaks everything down so that it does not feel overwhelming and you can really absorb the information. 

Hannah is an endless wealth of knowledge. She’s patient, informative, funny, and everything else you could want in a mentor. Her experience and insight are priceless. She will walk you through all the foundations you need to put in place to run a successful business from the ground up. 

jess n.

Hannah has first and foremost helped me have confidence in my business. She also taught me the importance of pricing according to your worth, and all the nitty gritty that people don't usually want to learn but need to. Including the importance of contracts, dealing with clients, and managing the financial aspects of your businesss. 

Hannah is kind, considerate and an and expert in her field. She is professional, but has a warmth to her which makes you feel like you're talking to a close friend.

kind words

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