Say hello to your   transformation cheerleader. 

When I made the decision to lean into my business practices, everything changed. I learned how to price myself so that I could rely on myself full-time. I honed in on my unique artistic style and created an unapologetic brand. I did away with a scarcity mindset and poured more energy into helping new photographers grow in this industry.

The result: a thriving business that has allowed me to define what success looks like for me.

And I can help you do the same.

When you know where you stand financially, you can make decisions confidently because you know what your time is worth.

Hi, I'm Hannah

Confession time: I started my photography business in 2015 and by 2017 I still hadn’t mustered the confidence to go full-time.

What this looked like: shooting twenty weddings a year while working full-time as a nonprofit marketing director.

Although I felt completely burned out, I also felt like I needed to say “yes” to everything in order to grow my business–even if it didn’t feel good to me. 

If you’re a creative entrepreneur who’d like to master business admin and create more artistic freedom for yourself while you’re at it, keep scrolling.

I truly believe that all entrepreneurs should build the business for the lifestyle they want. 

Are you ready to transform your story?

You deserve to make money and have a business that is sustainable, stable, and gives you time to do the things you want to do.

You are welcome here.
I enthusiastically welcome all who feel a connection to my work. I do not discriminate against anyone based on race, religion, sexual identity, size, gender identity, disability, or anything else. 

Building a business that lets you be yourself unapolagetically

Fostering community to combat the loneliness of entrepreneurship

Kindness and inclusion above all else

Honest experiences over doing it "for the gram"

Collaboration over going it alone

I believe in:

I’m driven by connection–with my clients as well as my fellow creatives.

my business values

Cats! Especially mine 

What makes me smile


My husband, Brent

My favorite person


my favorite things

Somewhere I can hike

Go-to travel destination


How to play guitar

Something new I'm learning


Going for a swim if it's warm

Weekend plans



Favorite hobby


Gabby R. 

For the past seven years I have constantly struggled with where I land in the wedding photography world. Do I need to charge more money? Does this mean I have to enter the luxury market to survive? Can I afford to only take 15 weddings a year? I ball-parked all of those answers and felt immense anxiety around all of my business decisions because I didn't have any hard numbers. Once Hannah guided me through the process of calculating my pricing using real data from my real expenses, I felt such a weight off of my shoulders. I *can* shoot 15 weddings a year! I will not only financially survive but thrive. I feel 10x more confident about accepting and turning down work now, and that peace of mind is worth investing in.

Hannah R. 

"I have the craziest, most exciting news! A client I had ended up getting my top package and an extra 24"x36" canvas! And they want to book another session already!"

Without coaching with Hannah I wouldn’t have sound business practices, confidence in how I’m running my business, and my website in the works. My business is on track to being amazing. 

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